HAH. Thank you BuzzFeed for creating a gluten-free post: Every day Struggles of Living Life Gluten Free.  Author, Erin Chack, has to be gluten-free ?  Or she is consulting with a resident Celiac, because this is on point.

These really hit home for me… Check out the full post here.

– Answering the question, “Then what can you eat?”

Everyday Struggles Of Living Gluten-Free

Air. We eat air.

– Always having to bring your own drink to parties.

Permanent beer pong cheerleader.

– Feeling strangely attracted to potatoes.

Your only friend in the world.

– Swallowing rage when people help themselves to your gluten-free snacks.

Thank you, I wasn’t aware gluten-free brownies tasted like chalk. Why don’t you go eat some bread to mask the taste.


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