Lobster Guacamole

lobster guacamole

Basically, put lobster in your guacamole. What a great idea!


-4 avocados
-2 heaping tbs worth of red onion
-1-2 cloves garlic
-1.5 cups lobster
-lemon or lime


-Cut your avocado in half length wise, twist slightly and pull your two halves apart. Holding the side containing the pit, pop your knife into the pit, and twist to pop it out. With the open side facing upward, slice the avocado vertically and horizontally. Scoop the insides out. Slicing it up while its still sitting in the skin just makes it easier to remove and smush up.
-Fold in red onion, garlic, and lobster meat. (I like the guac chunky for this recipe)
-Mince red onion and garlic, stir into guac.
-Add lime and (or lemon)
-Salt and pepper to taste

I’d recommend eating with Tosito’s Scoops.

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