Gluten Free coming to schools, military bases, and workplace cafeterias.

Slade Gorton is ready to corner the niche market of allergy-friendly products in the foodservice industry.

gluten free in schools

Slade Gorton, a large foodservice provider, recently announced a new partnership with the allergy-friendly Elevation Brands (Ian’s Natural Foods). The goal of this partnership is to provide large institutions – such as schools, military bases and workplace cafeteria’s with safe gluten free versions of your cafeteria classics; fish sticks, chicken nuggets, pizza, and macaroni and cheese. There are also going to offer products that are soy free, dairy free, nut free and so on.

I know that I am always bummed out when I forget to prep a lunch and find myself at work with very few options, so I’m certainly excited to hear this news! But…I’m curious how organizations that cook large quantities of food will be able to handle the issues of cross contamination. I hope that providing gluten free products will be a multi-step process that also includes training on the best practices for preparing allergy-friendly meals.

Would you trust a chicken nugget from the cafeteria?

Here is a statement from Kim Gorton, President and CEO of Slade Gorton:

“In support of our mission to ensure an enjoyable dining experience for the American consumer, Slade Gorton is proud to partner with Elevation Brands to offer allergen-free and gluten-free products to the foodservice market…We share a collective commitment to investing in innovation, health and wellness and increasing consumers’ access to the foods they love.”

Read the full press release here.

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