Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Avocado

Oh.my.god. How can something this easy, healthy and gluten free be so delicious? I don’t know, but here it is.



-chicken breast
-gorgonzola cheese/ or blue cheese
-red onion
-hot sauce (I use Frank’s Red Hot, Original) – or if you want to go all out, they have a sauce specifically for wings which is definitely less healthy but is also really awesome)


-chop chicken into small 2cm chunks (pulled chicken would also go well)
-sauté chicken with hot sauce (I use franks red hot) (takes 5 mins)

in the meantime:

-chop celery and tomato and red onion (slice red onion super thin/mince)
-slice avocado in half, lengthwise. Hold both sides in each hand, and twist halves in opposite directions to remove one side from pit. Leave avocado in skin, but slice crisscross marks across to make it easy to scoop out later
-when your chicken is cooked turn off the heat and pour chopped items and crumbled cheese into sauté pan and mix around quickly (not even a minute!). Just do this so the cheese begins to melt a bit and all ingredients blend together.
-salt and pepper if you like
-pour mixture on top of your pit-less avocado & enjoy!

If I owned a spork, I think that would be the best utensil to eat this with.

ingredients ingredients

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