Gluten Free Dairy Free Ice Cream

So I’ve seen this recipe all over Pinterest but my old school blender was not up to par. My awesome parents recently gave me a nutribullet for my birthday and now I am a blending left and right. This was one of my first tries – gluten free, dairy free ice cream made with just two ingredients: Frozen Bananas and  Peanut butter. Such an easy alternative for those who have a dairy allergy, and just a healthy alternative for those who don’t. More importantly it actually has the consistency of ice cream!



Combine frozen bananas and a scoop of peanut butter in the blender. Blend. Seriously, that’s it!


If you’re organized: Cut your banana into small chunks before you freeze it.
Some recipes suggest cutting up the bananas before you freeze it, so you throw it in the blender later in easy to blend chunks. If you are going to use frozen bananas all the time this might work really well for you – especially if you don’t always use a full banana.

If you’re not so organized: freeze and defrost in the microwave later. Personally, I remember to toss my bananas in the freezer when they’re turning brown on my counter and the freezer is their last chance at ever being eaten… A couple days later when im ready to use them, I just pop them in the microwave for 15-30 seconds so they are soft enough to pull the peel off, but they’re still frozen inside.

Nutribullet , peanut butter and frozen bananas

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