Corn tortillas are the best!

gluten free tacos


I have written about corn tortillas before, but they’re such a staple in my gluten free diet these days I think they deserve another post. I cook the tortillas on a frying pan the same way regardless of toppings, and then fill with whatever ingredients I have in the fridge. See cooking directions and a list of my favorite toppings below.

To Cook Tortillas:

Heat up a non stick frying pan with a  little olive oil or butter, once hot place two tortillas down on top of each other. One Tortilla will be cooking on the pan, and the other will be resting directly on top of it. Flip the tortillas over as a pair, now cooking the opposite side.  (using two makes your tortillas stronger so you can load it with all you favorite toppings).


– (Pictured above) sauteed onions, prime rib, salsa, guacamole and lime.

– (Pictured below) prosciutto, havarti cheese, basil and balsamic vinegar. (My favorite!!!)

-Turkey breast, cheddar cheese, avocado and Ken’s honey mustard dressing

-Tuna fish, cheddar cheese and pickles

-Cream cheese and jelly (for a really unhealthy breakfast)

My grocery store carries La Banderita corn tortillas, but there are a lot of other gluten free brands out there. Just be sure to read the label, as many tortillas are made with a blend of corn and wheat.

prosciutto roll ups

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  1. So Angie,
    I’ve been seeing all these LinkedIn updates from you on gluten free diets and foods…and all this while I assumed that you found a cool article somewhere and were sharing it with the community. Talk about paying attention to details (NOT!!!!). This is your blog!!!??, so cool and great work. I am going to check it out later today.- Ankita

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