Thai Rice Noodles

thainoodlesCooking thai rice noodles is so easy! But if you try to cook them like regular pasta they won’t come out great.

To cook rice noodles:

-Boil full pot of water
-Once water is at a rolling boil, toss in the rice noodles
-Immediately turn off the heat
-Let your noodles sit for a few minutes, then check them by twisting in a fork and pulling up a section
-The thin vermicelli-type noodles should only take 3-6 minutes tops
-the thick flat noodles(like fettuccine) will take 5-8 minutes
-When they’re done, they’ll look bouncy and will be very flexible – you’ll know.

As soon as they appear done, take them out; over cooking them will lead to mushy noodles that fall apart while you’re eating.
thai rice noodles

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