Gluten Free Orange Chicken

San J has a variety of gluten free sauces such as szechuan, terikayi, thai peanut, asian BBQ, soy sauce and this orange sauce. Image

I tried this tangy stir fry sauce on chicken this week and I would definitely recommend it/use it again. I sliced boneless chicken breast into 2″ chunks and put them in a plastic bag and poured in enough sauce to cover. I recommend marinating them as long as you can, even overnight, and then sautéing them in a non-stick pan – as they cook add a few additional tablespoons of sauce as the marinade begins to burn off. Keep the heat medium to low so the sauce doesn’t burn. The only additional ingredient I used for the chicken was chopped scallions!

I also used this sauce on the rice noodles that accompanied my chicken. After the noodles were cooked I just tossed them in a frying pan with 2 tablespoons of the orange sauce and mixed until thoroughly covered.


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