Gluten Free Soup – sickdays


So unfortunately, I came down with a bad cold Jan 1st. Perhaps it’s because I had too much fun on New Year’s Eve, or perhaps I live in the most germ infested part of the U.S. (yup, that’s a map of sickness in the U.S., and apparently Boston is one of the germiest places right now). Either way, I was desperate to get back on my feet quickly- so I made the healthiest homemade soup that a sick person could make. This is certainly not the healthiest soup possible, but if your home sick and you are too tired to cook from scratch, this is definitely better for you than any high-sodium canned soup. Takes about 20-30 minutes total.

Ingredients: (this will fit in a medium-sized pan and will yield about 5 bowls of soup)

– 1 large chicken breast
– 15 (small) brussel sprouts, or 2 stalks (high in vitamin C, and they contain Sulforaphane which is thought to have anti-cancer properties)
-4 carrots (alpha-carotene and beta-carotene which convert to vitamin A, as well as dietary fibre, antioxidants, and minerals).
-2 celery stalks
-chicken broth
-half an onion (if you really like onion, add more)
-2 garlic cloves


-on the stove, heat 2-3 cups in large pot on high

-chop brussel sprouts in half length wise
-chop carrots and celery into discs
-mince onions and garlic
-cube raw chicken

-when water comes to a boil, add carrots and celery

-sauté onions and chicken in a deep sauté pan with olive oil (~5 minutes)
-add garlic until garlic begins to simmer and turn light brown (less than a minute)
-add chicken stock to frying pan and stir while you wait for your carrots/celery to soften

-when carrots begin to soften (10 minutes or less) add brussel sprouts and the contents of your frying pan
-let cook on high for about  6 more minutes, or until you can easily cut the sprouts with a spoon

Top of with grated parmesan cheese and get well soon!

Gluten Free Soup


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