Thanksgiving: Gluten Free Stuffing!

Make sure your family can still enjoy the traditional Thanksgiving favorite by making your own gluten free stuffing!

Its not too hard, and is well worth it for a complete Thanksgiving meal!

To accompany a large turkey, you will need roughly:

– 1.5- 2 Loaves of Gluten Free Bread (I use Udi’s white and dark bread)
-2 Cups Turkey Stock (Switch to vegetable broth for vegetarians!)
– 2 Large Carrots
– 3 Large Celery Shoots
-1 Apple
-3 Cups Mushrooms
-2 Onions
-1 Tsp. Garlic Salt
-1 Tsp. Paprika
-Rosemary (OPTIONAL – a lot of people, like my family, do not like rosemary)


-Chop celery, apple, mushrooms, and onion into small chunks, and shred carrot into thin strips with a zester or grater.Saute in olive oil until all ingredients are soft.

-Meanwhile, chop your gluten free bread into small 1/2 ” squares and line on baking sheet or toaster tray. Sprinkle bread with garlic salt and paprika and toast in oven or toaster at 400 until bread begins to harden.

-While bread is toasting, melt your butter and mix with sage, thyme and any additional spices. When bread is slightly browned remove and pour into large mixing bowl. Add in butter/spice mix and toss evenly.

-Toss with sautéed vegetables and turkey broth, add pepper and salt (use your judgement).

-Butter a deep baking dish and pour stuffing mixture evenly into the pan.

-Bake for 20 minutes at 350, remove and stir, then bake again for an additional 20 minutes.


-Use a gluten free bread that you like, but specifically one based mainly in soy, rice or potato to avoid a sweet taste. Pre cut bread crumbs and bread cubes are often flavored and are too sweet for a savory stuffing mixture.

-Adjust ingredients proportionate to your stuffing desires! Load up on veggies if they are your favorite part!

-Most importantly, gluten free stuffing recipes should use significantly less broth than traditional recipes. This is because GF  bread is less absorbent, and will come out mushy if too much broth is used. If your stuffing looks too wet just continue to toss and bake until the extra broth is cooked away.


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