Buffalo Chicken Burrito (in a crepe!)

You can use a soft corn tortilla as your shell, or a homemade crepe.. I suggest using a crepe if you want to really load up your burrito..
Filling Ingredients: (I am not putting any exact amounts, because everyone likes their burritos different.. you know what you want in there)

-Original Franks Red Hot
-Ranch Dressing/Blue Cheese Dressing (one or both)
-Chopped Celery
-Rice (I use white sushi rice)
-Feta Cheese

-Start cooking your rice first because it takes the longest
-Chop up cooked chicken into small chunks
-Cover in Frank’s Red Hot (about 1 tbsp)
-Add dressing (Roughly 2 tbsp per burrito – I use a combo of Ken’s Ranch and a little Wishbone Blue Cheese)
-Add in feta cheese
-Add in chopped celery-Mix it all together
-Keep adding more of each ingredient until it’s just how you like it…then set aside

-Make your crepe (directions here), or lightly pan fry a corn tortilla in a tsp of olive oil.
-Once crepe/tortilla is cooked, plop shell directly onto a flat square of tinfoil
-Load it up in a line down the center of your shell with rice & burrito filling
-Roll into a burrito & Enjoy!

(To roll it up with out a mess: tuck bottom/short edges up, then roll one (long) side over – locking the short edges underneath, roll completely over and bring tinfoil around the entire burrito, close up a bottom end of the tinfoil, leaving opposite end open. Peel away tinfoil from burrito as you eat)

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