Bota Box – portable gluten free wine

The Bota Box. Love it. If you are a college student, or you still party like one, you know its essential to have portable alcohol. And for us gluten-free party people, portable safe alcohol is an essential part of a great night out. This is the bota box- a portable, sealable, gluten free wine:

I especially like the Bota Box because you can seal it, throw it in your purse, and go. The box is made out of paper, so you don’t run the risk of glass shattering in your purse, and the screw on cap is much more trustworthy than any cork. Oh and did I mention, every box = 3 glasses of wine, so its easy to know exactly how much you’ve had.

And look at all the great places you can take it: hiking, boating, sunbathing, camping, picnicking, and fishing.



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