Hidden Gluten

Where does gluten hide in your kitchen? New to going gluten free, or living with gluten eaters? There’s always going to be a little bit of gluten hiding in your kitchen… 

Slice toasters
Solution: Buy a new one, and dedicate it to only gluten free breads.

Toaster ovens
Solution: Put your food on a new  piece of tinfoil every time you toast.

Porous surfaces (i.e. wood cutting boards, wooden spoons, wood cheese platters, and other porous surfaces)
Solution: Buy plastic and metal replacements (sorry this isn’t the best solution ever, but it’s what works)

Solution: Make sure your utensils trays and utensil drawers are cleaned out, and if you’re nervous, rinse your utensils before you use them. I live in a “mixed gluten” household and I am always nervous that my utensils might have gluten on them, so I often rinse them quick before I eat.

Pasta Strainers
Solution: Make sure you dedicate one pasta strainer solely to gluten free pasta. A metal strainer is best.

Coffee machines
Solution: whether its K cups or bagged coffee, some flavored coffees contain gluten. Only use k-cups or coffee grains that you are sure are gluten free. i.e. all non flavored Green Mountain coffees or Newman’s Own. Dedicate a new coffee machine to these coffees.

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