Traditional Cheesecake

Gluten free cheesecake – very easy- the only thing that needs to be altered from your average cheesecake is the crust. This is my favorite cheesecake recipe…first- because it is more delicious than other cheesecakes and second- because its much more simple than other cheesecake recipes I have tried.

Ingredients: (you will also need a 10″ springform pan)

-3 8oz bricks of cream cheese
-1 cup sugar
-4 eggs
-1 tsp vanilla
-3 cups gluten free cookies (for crust)
-3 tbsp butter (for crust)
-Cinnamon and/or Sugar (for crust)


-crush up gluten free cookies to use as your crust.
(If they are already sugary – leave them be. if not, or if you really like sugar, add in a half tsp. of cinnamon or sugar to your mixture. If you don’t have GF cookies lying around, you could always substitute with a sweet gluten free cereal or cookie crumbs.)
-melt butter in microwave for 15-20  seconds and mix with cookie crumbs
-pour mixture into the bottom of your spring form pan and push it down into a flat crust with the back end of a spoon or spatula.

-mix cream cheese in mixer on high until it is soft and starts to look like thick frosting
-add vanilla, then eggs, then sugar while mixer is going- make sure all lumps are out before moving onto the next ingredient
-mix on high until all ingredients are integrated and it is even in color and texture through out
-pour batter into 10″ springform pan
-bake at 375 for 40 minutes until center begins to firm up, and edges turn brown
-let cool before topping or serving

I like strawberries mixed with agave. I slice about 10 strawberries up thin and mix them in a bowl with 1/8 cup agave. Cover with saran wrap and let them sit in the fridge until you need them.

When cheesecake is done, let it cool down to room temperature before serving. Add toppings once cheesecake has cooled. It tastes better this way 🙂


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