Pear Bellini

Prosecco with Pear puree. Mmmm. This is my second favorite drink (close second to Prosecco with St. Germaine). We found this idea on the Today show‘s wine pairing for the superbowl episode. You know, cause the superbowl is really all about the wine…?

Well us celiacs can’t have beer, so lets pretend everyone else is drinking wine on Superbowl Sunday too!

-1 bottle Prosecco
-1 Pear
-1 tbs Sugar
-1 squeeze Lemon Juice (I would say this is optional. It is really to prevent your pear from turning brown. But it’s not going to have much time to turn brown before you drink it anyways…)

-Peel and chop pear
-Squirt pear with lemon juice to prevent browning
– Make a “simple syrup” with your sugar, by mixing 1 tbs sugar with 2 tbs water. Shake or stir til sugar is dissolved.  If you dont want to run the risk of watering down your drink, replace the water with Prosecco itself.
-Blend all together in blender or mouli mincer
-Add a bit of puree to the bottom of each wine glass, and fill with Prosecco!


Gluten Free Superbowl snack recipes



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