Stuffed Vegetables for Fall

A naturally gluten free meal for fall.

Here we have stuffed zucchini’s, acorn squash, and cabbage. Although, the cabbage is really wrapped, not stuffed.

The inside is a mixture of black beans, white rice, celery, peppers, carrots, olives, corn, sautéed onion, minced chicken, and spices tossed with fresh lime and topped off with parmesan and blue cheese.

The inside mix is the same for all three… but,

For zucchini instructions click here
For acorn squash instructions click here
For cabbage rolls click here


Cook your rice first (I use white basmati rice- cook fully like you normally would)

Chop up all your veggies very small and add to rice:
-carrots (2 large carrots)
-celery (1 long stock)
-peppers (use a variety of colors!)
-scallions (to your liking)
-black beans (one can)
-olives (a handful)
-2 corn cobs

-Chop up two chicken breasts into small cubes
-Mince a half an onion
-Sautee onions in olive oil then add the chopped chicken
-Sautee until chicken is cooked
-sprinkle with chile powder for a little kick

Mix cooked chicken into the rice/veggie mix

Squirt with two wedges of fresh lime

Your stuffing is ready!!

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