Fall-ing in love… with apples!

Oh how I love the fall in New England! It’s the beginning of a new year- you have all new classes and classmates, you get to justify purchases as back to school shopping, and Halloween (the best day of the year) is just around the corner! What an exciting time. Most of all, I love going apple picking at Honey Pot Hill and Orchards with my sisters. This year it was just Kimmie and I, because the littlest sister is off in Connecticut for her freshman year of college (ah)! She was deeply missed, but the picking went on in her absence, and all of the post picking what-do-I-do-with-all-these-apples cooking as well!

So far we’ve made apple crisp (our favorite), sweet caramel and apple crepes (our other favorite), and nutty caramel apples.