Oh my Bolognese!

Mmm Bolognese, one of my favorite sauces. 

There are three red sauces I like: My moms, and my Nana Vickie’s, and My Nana Gerrie’s (In no particular order, ladies!). Having grown attached to these three red-sauces over the years, my taste buds have become a bit snobby, leading me away from any restaurants’ red sauce…

But recently, my Mum and I were out and about and tried the bolognese at Papa Razzi. (I thought it would be OK because it is not the traditional red sauce). Well OK it was! More than OK, it was delicious.

So we are now totally obsessed, and on a sort of bolognese-kick if you will. We also realized, we are great cooks! Why do we keep running off to Papa Razzi for Bolognese when we can make it here at home??

So with out further ado, here is our simple bolognese recipe:


-Olive Oil
-Onions (Mince in Mouli Mincer)
-Canned Tomatoes (I use Pastene Kitchen Ready)
-Pancetta (I use Citterio pre-chopped pancetta)
-White Wine

(A lot of people like to add ground beef, ground veal, or ground pork as well – but pancetta does the trick just as well, and keeps it simple! )

-sauté onions and pancetta in olive oil..
-once pancetta is almost fully cooked, add a lump of minced garlic..
-once the garlic starts to brown (do not burn!), add in your mushrooms and carrots..
-add one cup of white wine, stirring on medium for a few minutes
-add one can of tomato paste
-lower heat to medium-low and let sauce cook for 15 or so minutes
-Once sauce is almost done, add in 1/4 cup of cream

It is hard to screw up a bolognese sauce unless you burn the onion and/or garlic. All good ingredients = good food!


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