California Corn Tortillas!

So I was out in California last week visiting my wonderful boyfriend, and I think I ate mexican food for every other meal. The mexican food in California is amazing…  and by “is”, I mean “looks”.  I was in the Palo Alto area, where there are small authentic mexican spots around every corner that are all owned by different people, but somehow all have the same name; Tacos el Grullense. These places have corn tortillas, but the chances for cross contamination are high so I had to opt for a homemade taco instead.

Our homemade tacos were delicious, and  corn tortillas have become a huge staple in my diet.

Here’s what we used:

-Corn Tortillas- always check the label- A LOT of corn tortillas are a mix of wheat and corn. GF tortillas will be clearly labeled, or will have a very short ingredient list. 

-Steak Tips

-Mexican Blend Cheese –most are safe, including Sargento.

-Salsa –always check the label, because many are not GF.


-Onions- very optional


Here’s how we did it:

1. Chop up the steak into small bite sizes

2. Quickly cook the meat in a frying pan on the stove with a little oil, once they are almost cooked to your liking, add in enchilada or taco topping sauce, mix, cover with a lid, and shut off the heat.

Meanwhile, or afterwards..

3. Heat up a non stick frying pan with a  little oil or butter, once hot place two tortillas down on top of each other. One Tortilla will be cooking on the pan, and the other will be resting directly on top of it. Flip the tortillas over as a pair, now cooking the opposite side.  (using two makes your tortillas stronger so you can load it with all you favorite toppings).

I say to do this step second so that your tortillas are still warm and flexible by the time you eat them!

Once  your tortillas are heated, you may want top it off with your mexican cheese right away so that it melts fully. Why is melted cheese so much yummier than cold cheese? Hmmm…

Now load on your toppings, maybe put on a napkin bib, and enjoy!!

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