Back to School- Lunch Time

It is back to school time, so exciting! Today was the first day of my last semester of college, and it was full of ups and downs. My new Keurig coffee machine- up, the rain-down, exciting new classes-up, sitting in the wrong class for a good fifteen minutes-down. But the biggest of all was my attempted lunch break in the library.

I walk into the library to find a newly renovated cafe, I check it out and immediately notice gluten free rice bowls on display in the glass case, and they’re labled gluten free right on the cover – UP, major up. I can buy food at the library now? This will make all the difference on those late night library sessions come mid terms and finals… yippee!

But as always, I did my due diligence and inquired about the food processing. They informed me cheerfully that it is all made in house, right here at their bakery. I prodded further and explained that I have an extremely sensitive allergy. This led them to reveal that  all of their food is made on one  flimsy plastic counter behind the register. The same counter that they make the croissants, the muffins, and the scones on- DOWN, major down.

Although I am so glad that more and more places are catching on about the need for gluten free options, I find it as common as it is disappointing that these shops and their employees aren’t also taught about the dangers of cross contamination.

So, on a much more positive and yummy note… In order to avoid hunger and disappointment as I squeeze in lunch between classes tomorrow, I have made myself one of my favorite salads to bring along in my lunchbox. (Yes, I am in college and still carry a lunch box, but it is pink and green- very fashionable)


Lettuce from the on campus Farmers’ Market
Cherry Tomatoes also from the Farmers’ Market
Buffalo Mozzarella (all that I’ve seen are safe)
Prosciutto (Cittero)
Fresh Basil

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As you may have noticed.. I love prosciutto. Unfortunately, just two slices contain roughly 30% of your daily sodium – so I am tryinggg to cut back!

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