My Italian sandwich: The GF bread tastes good, I swear!

This is my favorite sandwich!

I always toast my gluten free bread, it makes a huge difference in texture and taste. I toast it with the cheese on, but the rest of the ingredients go on cold…

Gluten Free Bread – I used Udi’s, and I think it is the best gluten free bread out there. You can get it at Whole Foods, Roche Brothers, and most other large grocery stores.
Prosciutto – I buy Citterio All natural Proscitutto  in bulk form BJ’s cause I love it and eat it all day…
Havarti Cheese– I used Dofina Havarti from BJ’s. Just make sure your cheese is prepackaged, meaning it is not cut on the deli machine.
Roasted Red Peppers- Most are GF but check the labels for additives. I used Mezzetta Roasted Bell Peppers.
Fresh Basil- From my “garden” (aka a potted plant in my kitchen).
Mayonnaise – Hellman’s is gluten free (I only use a little…)
Balsamic Vinegar– I used a Trader Joe’s brand. Most Balsamic is safe, but always check the label!

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  1. When you are given lemons make lemonade. Your approach to dealing with gluten is commendable. Some medications also contain gluten. An individual would have to check with the manufacturer of any medication in question.

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