Drinking Gluten Free

No longer drink Bud Lights and play beer pong with your friends?

If you are 21 and hitting up the bars, here are your drink options:

Cider-  Woodchuck, Original Sin, Magners…(I suggest ALWAYS doing bottle over tap – much safer)

(Most) Tequila-  It is made from agave.

Wine & Champagne

Potato Vodka- Chopin (most common), Cold River, Luksusowa…etc

Ciroc- P Diddy’s vodka made from grapes; the coconut flavor is delicious.

If you are at a bar you will probably only have the option of cider, wine, or tequila. If you are out at a nightclub there is a chance you will find a potato vodka or Ciroc.

A lot of people with Celiac say that they can handle gin because it’s made with juniper berries. (I took this advice and spent a very sick summer drinking just gin) I don’t suggest it! It is made with juniper berries, along with other ingredients, and is often made from a glutenous base.

 Learn more about gluten and alcohol.

3 responses

    • St. Germain (made from elderflowers) and Prosecco (bubbly italian wine) is by far my preferred drink. It is very light and sweet – the St. Germain has a pear/lychee like taste, and it smells just as delicious as it tastes.

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